Fourth Burma Rifles

   (4th Burifs)
   One of three Burma Rifles (Burif) battalions established following the September 1945 Kandy Conference between Aung San and Lord Louis Mountbatten, which was entirely composed of Burman (Bamar) soldiers from the former Patriotic Burmese Forces. The battalion was placed under the command of Ne Win. During the Communist Party of Burma and Karen (Kayin) uprisings of 1948-1949, it was one of the few military units to remain loyal to the government of Prime Minister U Nu. Some of Ne Win's Fourth Burma Rifles subordinates became prominent in the 1958-1962 Caretaker Government and the military regime he established in March 1962, including Sein Lwin, Aung Gyi, and Tin Pe.
   See also Burma Army.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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